This Spring Indulge in INUKT’s Standout Shoppers

Spring has sprung and what better way to spruce up your wardrobe but with INUKT’s one-of-a-kind, beautifully crafted canvas totes.  Each one of our four shoppers is striking and unique in their own way. Each one showcases a powerful and vibrant image, which is tied to Canada’s right heritage. And each has an inspiring quote printed on it.

INUKT’s signature eagle is perfectly in tune with the quote, “The thoughts of Man should rise as HIGH as the Eagles do” on our Nitawig tote. Bibagima with its First Nations woman revisited in the style of Andy Warhol reads, “We Celebrate the First Laugh of our newborns.” Wawina that carries the image of a deep blue-eyed Husky invokes our love of animals through, “One thing to remember is to TALK to the animals”. And Monia quotes “I am Inuk and my HEART is free” while showing a picture of legendary Chief Joseph.

Neyali, INUKT’s very own small handcrafted native doll, which we also love to use as a key chain, adorns our canvas totes and gives them added playfulness and charm.  And just so you’re all in the know Neyali means “I love you”.

Choosing between these four may not be easy, but we promise that you’re sure to make a statement and turn heads with whichever one or ones you do end up wearing. Whether you through it over your shoulder or flaunt it across your body, you’ll appreciate its craftsmanship and love the feel of its sturdy leather strap and pompom, which are the perfect allies to the neutral coloured canvas from which the handbags are made out of.

Pair yours today with cropped jeans, frayed jean shorts or a sundress. It’ll add a dose of luxury to your outfit and take your look from laid back to casual chic.

Roomy enough to easily store your everyday essentials like make-up, books, magazines, sunscreen and even your tablet, the totes are functional too. So what are you waiting for? This is the perfect go-to carryall for all you fashionistas.



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