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most of us adorn our bodies with rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. We wear jewellery that contains stones and minerals unaware that these can affect our mood and our physical state.

That’s not the case for Tatiana Castellanos, a 27 year old Fine Arts student at Dawson College, in Montreal, who also holds an Anthropology degree from Concordia University and Camila Escobar, a 24-year-old photographer.  They are the founders of Qura, which we here at INUKT refer to as the “Fortune Cookie Charm” given that the stones pick the wearer rather than the other way around.

Qura means healing plant and coming from the earth,” explains Castellanos, who I had the pleasure to sit down and chat with alongside Escobar.  The word originates from the Quechua language, which is spoken by a culture of people who are spread throughout South America, specifically in the Andes Region.

During our time together the two young, lovely, articulate Columbian women, who now live in Montreal, shared with me their passion for gemmology and introduced me to Qura, their line of hand-made bracelets which they created in July of 2012.

A Qura bracelet contains three stones. Each one is associated with one of the seven Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. In the Hindu culture, as Escobar explains, “Charkas are energetic centres in our bodies.” Each Chakra is aligned with an actual physical part of the body and an emotional state. “The Solar Plexus Chakra, for example,” says Escobar, “is physically associated with our digestive system, the upper-abdomen. Emotionally it’s connected with our self-esteem.”

As firm believers in the healing powers of stones and minerals

The two jewellery designers, who advocate the link between stones and the seven Chakras, have an extensive scope of stones to can choose from when assembling their bracelets. They possess stones -all of which are certified as semi-precious- that hail from Columbia, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, China (known for their Jade), Canada and Russia. But choosing the right stones for each client is all about the client’s needs. If you’re looking to better communicate with people, it’s likely that your Qura bracelet will contain blue quartz. “It deals with everything that is related to communication and expression, and physically it helps with throat ailments,” says Castellanos. 

What makes Qura bracelets unique is that each is personalized to the needs of the wearer.  “If you’re attracted to a certain stone it’s because subconsciously you’re picking one that will serve you a specific purpose,” declares Castellanos. Some stones have more than one purpose and are related to more than one Chakra.

When asked if you can mix any three stones together, I learned that there are certain combinations that work better than others. “You wouldn’t want to put together a stone that gives you energy with one that soothes your mind, they just contradict each other,” says Escobar.  She elaborates by giving the following example, “someone who wants help to better express their feelings to others and to learn how to get in touch with their own emotions will probably end up with a bracelet that contains the following combination: blue quartz (Throat/communication), African turquoise (Third Eye/Mindfulness) and aventurine (Heart/love).”

There are even stones, that should be avoided or worn rarely, especially by women.  Hematite is one such example. Its energy is so strong; it would drain a woman of hers. Both physically and emotionally. This is a stone that is better worn by men.

Each Qura bracelet is made of thread treated with bee’s wax to strengthen it. Tan, brown, black and deep red are just the basic thread colours that customers can choose from. If you’re looking for a pop of colour, especially with spring just around the corner, you can opt for neon yellow, orange, pink and purple. Pastels, like pink and blues, are also a choice if you want something more subdued.

Leather pouches that contain three to five loose stones are another option that we offer here at INUKT. These are perfect if you want to explore the healing powers of stones, but aren’t interested in wearing them. “Someone who is having trouble sleeping at night doesn’t need to wear a lapis lazuli. They can just place it under their pillow. It’ll help them calm their mind,” explains Castellanos.

So why wait any longer? Visit our jewellery section to order your personalized Qura bracelet or stone-containing leather pouch. You’ll instantly receive the energy you need and feel harmony within.



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