INUKT AT MONTREAL MUSEUM OF FINE ART BOUTIQUE was honored with a launch party at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts boutique located on 1390 Sherbrooke Ouest on October 17th 2013. The brand could not have asked for a more exclusive location for this fall launch nor for a more timely event to be held there. The mesmerizing Chihully is prolonged till October 27th and Splendore à Venise has just opened. So many more reasons to visit one of Canada`s finest museums that has just been extended, renovated and reinvented.

The very generous crowd that evening was full of positive comments about Inukt and the general good atmosphere that evening was pleasantly supported by one of Canada`s best ice wines straight from the Pillitteri estates winery and dark chocolate dipped in  dried fruit assortments from Outremont`s Chocolats Andrée`s gourmet selection of high-end chocolates. All in all it was a  delicious fall evening toasting Inukt at the Mbam, for which we wish to thank Sylvie Labrosse, director of this beautiful store who has welcomed the Inukt brand along with her team.


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