We’re in the thick of it. The evidence outside my window stares me in the face. Slush grips to car tires. Countless specks of salt cover sidewalks and stairs, preventing pedestrians from slipping on ice. From fences to lampposts, snow sticks on everything it can. The sky devoid of sunshine is a grey mass. The wind hisses through bare trees.

But even these gloomy conditions and sub-zero temperatures can’t strip me of my excitement. I am thrilled to take part in the INUKT brand launch and especially its very own online magazine.

As you have probably already read in the “About Us” section, INUKT is the brainchild of Nathalie Benarroch. A native Montrealer, who was transplanted to Paris for over twenty years, and made her way back to Canada, Benarroch has creativity running through her veins. Having worked at Femme magazine in Paris, and as a former creative director for both BCBG and for she knows a thing or two about fashion and styling.

Upon her return to Canada she was awe-striken by the country’s scenery and aesthetics. This was a different country than what she had left behind. A country that deserved to be explored and brought to the forefront.

And hence, the birth of INUKT, which brings you all Canada-made boots, handbags, apparel, jewellery, accessories, art and even home furnishings, with a contemporary edge. INUKT is Benarroch’s personal interpretation of Canadiana. A unique perspective that carries a contemporary edge. INUKT is about home grown goods dosed with a dash of fashion to make it not just Canadian but also hot and trendy.

INUKT, the magazine will celebrate all that is Canadian and fashionable. Yes, Canada does have an edge and we’re here to help you discover and enjoy it! This is our showcase of what Canada has to offer. While we’re exploring style, we will interpret trends and make them our own.

Think of our magazine as your personal companion and tool to help you navigate through what the brand offers. INUKT, the magazine is your private guide. We will direct you through what is out there, and how you can wear and use what our site offers.

INUKT works in collaboration with many Canadian artisans, and our magazine will introduce you to them. We will feature our artisans, such as Ginette Bastien, from Wendake, who crafts and creates our one-of-a-kind boots, and Catherine Rangier, from Granby, who fashions our very own handbags.

You will meet these creative forces and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of them at work. You will witness how their creativity is up to par with current fashion.

INUKT is all about empowering women and so we will feature them. Women who create incredible things. Much of INUKT is driven by women who have build their own businesses.

So hang tight because now with INUKT at your fingertips we give you the perfect pick-me-up to chase your winter blues away.


Keren Besner


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