INUKT AT MONTREAL MUSEUM OF FINE ART BOUTIQUE was honored with a launch party at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts boutique located on 1390 Sherbrooke Ouest on October 17th 2013. The brand could not have asked for a more exclusive location for this fall launch nor for a more timely event to be held there. The mesmerizing Chihully is prolonged till October 27th and Splendore à Venise has just opened. So many more reasons to visit one of Canada`s finest museums that has just been extended, renovated and reinvented.

The very generous crowd that evening was full of positive comments about Inukt and the general good atmosphere that evening was pleasantly supported by one of Canada`s best ice wines straight from the Pillitteri estates winery and dark chocolate dipped in  dried fruit assortments from Outremont`s Chocolats Andrée`s gourmet selection of high-end chocolates. All in all it was a  delicious fall evening toasting Inukt at the Mbam, for which we wish to thank Sylvie Labrosse, director of this beautiful store who has welcomed the Inukt brand along with her team.



A funny thing happened to me the Saturday before I met Jessica Bloodstone. I was walking in the street with my mother and daughters and had to stop because a small obtrusive object seemed to have found its way into my boot. I emptied it to find a small pink pearl. Strange. No one nearby was wearing anything beaded. My mother laughed and commented “anyone else would have just found a plain stone, and you find a pink pearl”.

I believe in signs and knew something special was announced for that week.
 A few days later, Jessica Bloodstone ambled into the Inukt community with her charming swagger and uproarious laugh. 
That week I had finally found the time to call her number given to me months earlier by a friend we have in common. We hit it off right away on the phone and decided we had to meet quickly. We talked fashion, First Nation inspirations, jewelry, passion and work ; we couldn’t wait to meet.

She came to meet us bringing into our offices her passion and energy. Passion and love not only of jewelry but also of First Nations culture ever since she was a little girl growing up in Montreal. As soon as she discovered our boots and accessories she communicated her enthusiasm, “You can’t know how much I love all this! I could just die for the special beauty of all this. Just like I die for my jewelry. I put everything into my jewelry”. Just listen to her say it and you cannot have a doubt. Look at her jewelry and any doubts you may have will disappear.

After finding out she was a biker I decided to give her the Inukt bikers outfit as a welcome gift. It was 9 pm and she exclaimed ” oh no I can’t believe this, I want to go biking now! “.
Jessica has been putting all this energy into creating and breathing jewelry for 10 years. She very often leaves a trail of beads in her wake and finds stones in her shoes. She told me this the first time I met her and I was so thrilled at the connection with the little pink pearl incident, I just smiled and nodded and kept it for myself till the next meeting to share with her. Our meeting was already intense with her passion and enthusiasm.

Later that week I went to visit her in her beautiful atelier/boutique/apartment.
 It suits this rebellious-in-an-interesting way and extremely intense girl that to visit her you can wait up to 10 minutes for the train to pass. Of course such an individual spirit would live on the other side of the tracks, I thought as I waited.

Her setting exudes atmosphere. She lives in a red brick building overlooking our beautiful Canal Lachine, a biker’s haven. Wide wood floored halls greet you with Jessica running behind the scurrying feet of another love of hers, the fox terrier named Lea. Who sleeps in a tepee. I swear.

Her home is composed of dark to gold tones of wood furniture and eclectic objects collected during inspirational voyages in Canada and around the world. A beautiful glass and wood dinning table made by her own hands and a collection of chests with dozens of drawers she brought back from Tibet brimming with beautiful beads and pearls are prized possessions. Jessica is an eclectic collector and has to show for it many original items from beautiful first nations jackets to her endless rows of shoes and drawers replete with rings and accessories. 
Of course the centerpiece in her home is a wooden well-used work desk covered with metals and stones and surrounded with future creations in progress. Glass cabinets on all sides are filled with her latest creations .

Jessica greeted me with her grandmother of 85 years whom she takes to the market every Saturday. She had been cooking all day, yet another passion of this intense to say the least young woman.
 Amid dream catchers and feather shaped incense holders she showed me her eclectic line of jewelry. In her collection exquisite hand made feather sculpted earrings are enhanced by the style of bold bracelets with intriguing charms and abstract engravings. Indeed Jessica puts all her passion and energy into her line constantly collecting ideas and inspiration and creating new molds and investing in stones and tools. She handcrafts high-end custom jewelry by creating original statement pieces combining silver and other metals with semi-precious stones.

Jessica gets her inspiration from her dreams, her   travels and everything she loves with all her intense energy. She also travels in her mind picking up treasures that she gathers and adorns her collection with inspiration from First Nations culture, fashion and ties all this together with her special edge and style. This mix of fancy, romance and sexy pirate/rock chic makes her collections so desirable because Jessica really knows how to evoke bohemian with a luxurious twist. Simply the best mix around.