The story of this brand starts with a Road Trip like most beautiful adventures.
It is a road trip that does not head out but heads back Home.

Coming back to Canada after 23 years of living in France, I saw this country with a totally new outlook than the one that I had when I left.

Hence came the idea to renew with the history, culture and codes of Canada, while reinterpreting them fashionably, giving them a contemporary edge and exposing choice artists and artisans that are the New Canada. 

Going back to the root of Canada by exploring the rich culture of the First Nations of Canada seemed an important place to begin. This is what led me to find suppliers on reserves such as Wendake. I looked for artisans that were still creating original First Nations wares but that were opened to reinterpreting them with me in order to add a fashionista flavor to them.

 Hence the philosophy of this brand was born.

Introducing a Canadiana inspired collection reinterpreted with an urban edge.

  1. Rigorously made in Canada.
  2. Hand crafted , High end standards
  3. Dedicated to giving back
  4. A line that is tied to the History of Canada with a silk bow


Because sometimes just beautiful isn’t enough.